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AngelsMu S9, New server X750

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AngelsMu S9, New server X750

Mensaje  Administrador el Lun Abr 27, 2015 12:29 am

Pagina Web:

AngelsMu Season 9 Full, 5 Servers: No res, x50, x200, x750, x9999 New features Mu Roomie, Moon system, New pets, Spots on minimap, 5 Servers, Referral system, Players Market, Auction House, Grand reset, Vote reward, new server x750 Grand Opening 1 May

Download Client or Patch:

All new mu online season 8 episode 3 and season 9 features!

New Mu Roomy Game
New Party Matching System
New Guild Matching System
New Muun System
New Acheron Guardian Event
New transformations rings
New Wings
New reconnect system
New Personal Store System
New Market Wall System
New MiniMap System (all spot locations on minimap)
New Party Info System
New Event Inventory System
New Snake event (Green, Yellow, Purple)
New map Urk Mountain

Servers x200 x500 and x1000 will be closed, as they are low population for months, to give space for our new server! Players will be able to get theyr donations back to x750 server! More info soon!

New server x750 Grand Opening 1. May!

Exp: 750x
Master exp: 750x

Max resets: 100, Stats stays!
Grand reset: 100 Resets, Bonus 5000 Credits!
Max grand resets: Unlimited
Spots all maps: 6-8 Mobs per spot, Event maps: double exp
Offtrade in lorencia for Wcoins (command /off)
Drops: Medals, box of luck, heart of love, Lucky coins, silver/gold box, candy boxes, and more!


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